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1. Lisa Sainsbury - February 11, 2008

Hi Andy,

As a fellow sufferer of this nasty, invasive, and un-recognised desiese, I’d like to be the first, on this page at least, to both congratulate, and thank you for the steps you are taking, and have taken to try and get some sort of recognition, prevention and explaination. Have you recieved any form of reply from them?

I have a theory as to how me and my partner contracted morgellons, I don’t know if it will be of any relevance to your research, but you never know.

I have your personal e-mail address which i’ll use to contact you later on today.


2. James - August 24, 2008

Hi Andy,

I noted you have not updated your blog in over a year, and youtube also… are you atill about? Can you give us an update of your condition and if you have found any treatment?

Seems that CDC (in USA) finally have got onboard and found Mayo Clinic article from their website ..

Please let us know how you are?

James, Sydney, Australia

3. joanna - October 12, 2008

hi!this is joanna from athens.sent me your news.

4. Andy Coyle - November 20, 2008

Just reemerged stayin in scotland family and i had really hard time just released from mental health hospital diseasae blamed

Love you all in hardship

Andy Coyle

5. joanna - November 20, 2008

stay strong andy!

6. joanna - November 29, 2008

Hello!!! I think there is something wrong with your e-mail.I e-mailed you yesterday and today the message returned(undelivery) something like that.Check it. joanna Athens

7. Joanna - February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Andy!
Joanna Athens

8. Michael Tim - February 28, 2009

I love your site!

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

9. Joanna - March 20, 2009

Hello! I was in London .
I just came back.
Joanna Athens

10. Candi - April 6, 2010

I am a new sufferer as of February of this year. Would love to talk to you and share.

I hope you are feeling better this year and I will pray for you! Thank you for all you do.

andycoyle1 - May 25, 2010

Hi my email is andycoyle1@hotmail.com It is a nematode that when it emerges from the skin hair appears fibre like as it stops moving it can be reanimated by applying moisture the organism is clearly a nematode and not a fibre The disease symptoms will lessen then become dormant for a while and it explodes across the body if you are affected by any skin bug scabies etc For a couple of years the symptoms disappeared but I became unwell in other ways probably related and recently the disease reemerged after I was affected by scabies I became very unwell and the nematode started emerging all over my skin hair

Yours Andy Coyle

11. joanna - May 25, 2010

hi! Where have you been all of this time? Are you better with your health? Are you in London or Glasgow?
Joanna from Greece

andycoyle1 - May 25, 2010

I am in Glasgow my email is andycoyle1@hotmail.com

joanna - May 25, 2010

I just saw your new video !

12. Lindsay Demirel - July 13, 2010

I am a new sufferer as of january/ February of this year. Followed by my three,husband,mother,sister and pet rabbits.This is the first time i have commented on any subject online.

13. Lindsay Demirel - July 13, 2010

I am a new sufferer as of january/ February of this year. Followed by my three,husband,mother,sister and pet rabbits.This is the first time i have commented on any subject online. Liverpool, UK.

Andy - July 13, 2010

go to lymebusters website and visit my youtube site at http://www.youtube.com/morgellons


14. Patrina Richards - October 14, 2010

Hello Andy, I had emailed you quite some time ago, I am not certain whether you replied, or not, as I have to change my email addy, as I am having too many spam emails.
I am not certain whether I have this disease or not, but what I have, has affected my life so very badly, I have secluded myself for close to 3 yrs. When I say (I) I am referring to myself, although this has affected my mother as well. I have a 21 yr old daughter, that lives with me, but I have left my home and came to my moms home in fear that my daughter will contract what we have.
I know how much you suffer, and I know how continuously busy you are, in desperately trying to communicate with others, and the ‘professionals’ for some kind of attention and help. I commend you for your courage and continued perseverance, in trying to find help and a cure. Instead of giving you a thorough description and very long drawn out email of what this has done to my life and my Moms life, (who is having a very very difficult time dealing with it) I would just like to give you my symptoms, and hopefully you might recognize them. Or should I say ‘hopefully not?’
Firstly, I may have contracted what I have through 2 different scenarios. The 1st being, that an ex-boyfriend thought he was being funny and while I was sleeping in an RV while camping, he was tickling my ear with something, that by the look on his face, after I turned to him, said “omg!” and then the next day asking me how my ear was, tells me he may have put something in my ear. I cannot seem to contact him, as he has married and moved west ‘Alberta’ to find out what it was. Another scenario may have been while at Wasaga beach. I was at this beach and digging my feet into the sand when a friend said, “don’t do that!” and when I replied, “why, not? I used to do this all the time when I lived in California!” he said, “there are fleas, sand bugs, and all other kinds of things in the sand, this is not California, it is Canada!” I ended up with a very red swollen rash and several bumps on the inner side of my right foot, in which these bumps never went away, until finally, I got my family physician to prescribe, ‘fucidin’ which is a acid type of topical cream. In turn, a few months later, I noticed my head became very itchy. I thought it was head lice. used every kind of treatment available for lice. In which only helped slightly. Just recently, (after trying every possible thing I could imagine might help) I bought a generic antibiotic ointment, called, “Life Brand antibiotic ointment” and is only available at “Shoppers Drug Mart” This ointment contains “POLYMYXIN B SULPHATE, BACITRACIN ZINC, GRAMACIDIN AND LIDOCAINE, & VITAMIN E” this actually HELPED!! I had a very large lump on the top of my head and this must have attracted and froze them, because I was actually able to pick them out of my head. Now, it is not only on my head, I have had other lesions on my body, but my Mom has had her whole back attacked. I have had them in my ears, nose and eyes, and when I lay down on my pillow, something is coming out of my head, or ear, I can’t be sure. It moves too quickly, I also have found small black things, and things of other colours, (white, black, red, greenish, and yellow) it seems they change. A lot of what I find is small and in the shape of a shrimp. There seems to be web like things too, they will float, and I have a nit comb that when used, I get a lot of small ‘webs’ lately, though, I have not had many webs, more like small hard white things. My head has been covered in a very hard crust like substance, and I have been able to remove some of this with “Nizoral” ‘a fungus type remover shampoo’ and just recently, after using this product, I used Kwellada cream rinse, ‘made for head lice & scabies’ and my whole head sort of scaled, I was able to actually peel off large amounts, that seemed almost like the way you would peel off skin from a sunburn. I do believe this helped but I have a few very large bumps on the left side of my head, and they are still there, I do have other lumps too, but not as big as these.
I really believe that this Life Brand ointment may work completely, but as it is expensive, would not be able to purchase it in a large volume ‘all at once’ scenario, therefore I buy it and treat myself when I can. About 6-7 mos ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, they found a couple lumps, (well, actually, I found them, but it took almost 2 yrs for my doctor to listen to me) and when they did the 1st biopsy, it came back malignant, while after a ct scan, and finding another large lump in my neck, this was benign, and during the 2nd biopsy, the doctor had 2 nurses accompany him, and “froze” this area a few times “before” doing the biopsy. This seemed odd, as the 1st biopsy was done in the doctors office, and there was no freezing, no ultrasound, and not as equipped as the 2nd one was. When the nurse did the ultrasound, and said, “ok, I’ll be right back” I overheard the doctor telling the ‘other’ nurse, while just outside the closed curtain, “I want you to be here in case of an emergency” Also, when I got back to my Mothers home, and the freezing seemed to start to wear off, I could actually feel something moving in my neck, as if something was flipping around in there! I do believe something is being covered up here. I believe, because my family doctor did not listen to me, this is being hushed, ‘so to speak’ I will see the surgeon on Oct 27th This doctor, gave me synthroid, to try and shrink the tumour, as I do not want to lose my thyroid. It has seemed to get smaller, but, because I have had so much flem and acid in my stomach, I do not believe it is working as well as it could. I have had pain in my bowel, just under my rib cage, ‘left side’ and sometimes when I swallow, I have severe pain, ‘the same type of pain you have when you take a drink and it goes down the wrong way’ but, this doesn’t go away as quickly as the latter, and when this happens, I cannot even speak. I believe, strongly, with whatever I have living in my body, is contributing to these other health problems.
So, I wanted to know if any of this sounds like morgellons? I am sorry for the very long email, I know I said I would keep it on a more simple note, but it would be impossible to explain everything to you without being precise. Do you think you could get back to me when you have some time? I understand your very busy, you are really my last hope. I do have in mind a couple others I may be able to contact for advice, but I am not certain whether they are aware of morgellons. One is a live blood cell analyst/Iridologist/herbalist and the other a chemist. The 1st gentleman I speak of, I saw last yr, he did see worms in my blood, and explained that the reason the labs do not see the same thing, is because by the time they get your blood, everything dies. Thus, the live blood cell analysis, to show the live results. And the chemist I have spoke with before, regarding an illness I had at one time..’pneumonia’ and he explained if I inhale very hot water with salt in it, it would break down the infection, and this worked! Not even the several strong antibiotics my family doctor prescribed helped, but I believe this concoction saved my life, as I could barely breathe. If you would like any more info on any of this, please let me know, I would be happy to help. All in all, I thank you, so very much for your continued and thorough research and care. Thank God for you Andy Coyle! You deserve all of Gods great blessings. I still wonder why good people suffer, but I was, once told, the more we suffer, the closer we are to Christ. I hope you may find the time to contact me at your earliest convenience. I am & will be so very grateful. Thank you, and God Bless you my friend..Yours Truly Patrina p.s. the email I am providing is my new one, you would probably have my older one which I wasn’t sure to add here or not…

15. Patrina Richards - October 14, 2010

Dearest Andy..I am sorry, I meant to mention your petition, were you able to get the required number of signatures? I was not certain whether you did or not. And if you did not, I believe I may be able to get you a large amount of signatures, if needed, that is. Thanks again…Patrina

16. andycoyle1 - January 16, 2011

dear Patrina

It is the genetically modified cotton plant bt cotton which is to blame. The cotton fibre has evolved after genetic enhancement to be one of cellulose to one of protein. It can split and reproduce it is motile when saturated it is this fibre which has caused morgellons disease.

I hope you do feel better soon

The fibre invaded my intestines and I had to take a radical step to bet surgical intervention I am well now.

Have hope it will get better as the immune system adapts, it will never completely go away but it does get better

love Andy

17. Henri Weemaels - March 20, 2011


Merci à vous pour cette recherche et vos témoignages.
Je suis également confronté à cette “maladie” . Mon épouse a été contaminée en 2003/2004.
Notre histoire est très hard comme toutes celles des victimes du morgellon. C’est inévitable.
Je voudrais juste vous faire part que dans toute cette histoire nous avons été confronté à plusieurs manifestations “paranormales”.
Notre cheminement à tous est personnel. C’est peut être un grand puzzle que nous avons a rassembler pour comprendre. Comprendre c’est aussi “voir”, c’est entrer dans une autre vision de la vie.
Le morgellon c’est aussi pour nous une belle opportunité pour notre conversion. Notre conversion au père céleste tels qu’il nous est révélé par le christ. Lui le “fils” de l’homme.
Amitiés à vous tous

18. Anastasia - March 28, 2012

My name is Anastasia. I work in big Russian company. Recently pharmacy cream for skin leisures was created by our company. Also it can be used for Morgellonos suffering people.
Now I’m searching for people with this disease. Our company would like to offer them a free sample of this cream. Also, we would like to cooperate with people trying to help people with this disease.

I’m asking you to help me with it. Please fell free to ask me anything.
I’m waiting for your answer.


Francis Martin - July 2, 2012

Hello Anastasia,
What is your email please?
Thank you

Kathleen - February 7, 2013

Hi Anastasia – Please send me your email as I am interested in sampling your cream

Anastassia - February 8, 2013

Hello every one. My email is drowsy.89@bk.ru

19. weemaels - February 10, 2013

Ola, quelle gentille proposition Anastassia…
un peu d’espoir ! je vous ai envoyé mon adresse.
Bien à vous

20. chanel アウトレット 店舗 - September 16, 2013

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21. samantha - January 9, 2014

Hi all,
Please watch my video on YouTube called ” Monsanto BT Cotton” and send to friends. I want someone who doubts the validity of Morgellons to explain the movements in my video to me please. Thanks and God bless,

22. jonathan Smithson - April 24, 2014

Hi Andy,
Are you still corresponding with people?
You are on the right track – but you know that.
I arrived at the same conclusion through different means.
There may be a way forward.
The crux of the matter involves why the nematode is not showing up in standard blood tests.
I was a doctor / psychiatrist and am now a lawyer but want to do my bit to get this condition recognised. We have the same thing – I recognised all your videos instantly.
Would love to talk with you.
Hang In there, With my three professional backgrounds (Law, Medicine and Mental Health, I know how these guys think (or rather don’t think).
All the best


23. Terry Adams - December 30, 2015

Andy – I don’t know your status but I hope and pray you are doing OK.. You are one of my heroes, man, I hope you know that. You FOUND IT! You DID IT!! Great job…. I mention you often on my radio show (no big deal – I’m no Jeff Rense by any stretch of the imagination ) and your research on the cotton nematode connection. Again, I don’t know how you are faring but I am really taking a hit from this stuff… should you ever wish to get on the air in the ‘states, I would love to have you on… People here in Alabama have a hard time grasping the implications of “morgellons” …..

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